I know how hard it can be to find the right people and reliable professionals when you need them, so I've put together a list of some of the most trusted providers I usually recommend to my clients. I hope this helps!


Brenda Ladd Photography

For years Brenda has been a fantastic photographer and never disappointed any of our clients. She is talented, professional, and she knows her stuff. I highly recommend!

Park Bench Photo

Megan and Clayton are very skilled professionals who actually used to specialize in wedding photography. They're very involved in what they do and our clients have always been extremely happy with their incredible work.


Crave Catering

Crave is a fantastic, creative full-service catering company who never ceases to impress me. The food is beautiful, original and tasty. I highly recommend.

Catering by Mopsie

Great for both wedding and corporate events, Catering by Mopsie is a great catering service with more "traditional" dishes. Stunning service, great team!

Big Night Catering

On the more affordable side, Big Night Catering is a great service that really gives this high-quality feel and stunning taste, but at a more reasonable cost. A great choice for the bride & groom who want great food for their guest without breaking the bank.

DJs & Entertainment

Sound Machine

Kirk is an amazing guy who really knows how to bring the party spirit to your wedding or event. With his great music compositions and ideas, he will turn your event into a party your guests won't forget.

Green Belt DJs

Award winning group of DJs (I especially recommend Joel), Green Belt is particularly great for younger couples. They will bring fun and excitement and turn your event into a party full of energy. They sound really professional and actually do all their mixing live. Great team!!